Contribute to the well being of our communities through the facilitation of personal awareness and expanding consciousness of the individual.


Teamwork Wins guides individuals with Invisible ChallengesTM in becoming self-directed, self-maintaining, self-sustaining, free-thinking and creative.


• To create educational interfaces, new models and prototype new systems for school districts, families, parenting, businesses, communities and individuals. 
• To assist all individuals with a very specialized expertise in sensory, sensate, social and intuitive education and training. 
• To educate and disseminate information to our communities. 
• To remain progressive and cutting edge and at the forefront of change. 


Adele Saccarelli Cavallaro, Founder and Executive Director of TWW, struggled at a young age with several Invisible Challenges™, i.e. hyperactivity, Dyslexia and auditory processing. Because she could not focus like the average child, she fell behind in her academic studies. The traditional school system was not working for her which drove her to find solutions. In 1989, Adele began working as a teacher in the public schools and in the prison system. She developed a love for teaching, but saw the limitations of traditional learning environments. So she created her own teaching style by combining traditional ideas and philosophies from various methods with outside the box methods and self created methods. In doing so she found a very successful teaching method that empowered people rather than forcing them to conform. In November 2000, in her quest for answers, Adele founded Teamwork Wins a foundation for awareness and change in assisting individuals with Invisible Challenges(TM)in thriving instead of merely surviving with these challenges. TWW assist individuals in blending with the world without changing who they are. Adele with the help of many other individuals on the team direct a cutting-edge non-profit organization that serves individuals with Invisible Challenges ™.

Our Programs


Peer Connections for Autism Spectrum Disorder
Rose Cavallaro | 215 272 6934

Summer Connections – Indicator 13 (ESY)
Kathy O’Connell | 610 256 6022

Job Coaching and Driving Readiness
Adele Saccarelli | 215 680 2351

Art and Sensory Exploration
Amy Kruzic | 215 527 1641

Gardening and Nature Experience
Nancy Baker | 215 328 9832


ASD Training for Agencies, Schools, and Businesses
Michael Cavallaro | 267 421 6667

Self-Discovery through Abstract Art
Michael Cavallaro | 267 421 6667

Job Readiness and Career Services
Adele Saccarelli | 215 680 2351

Prison Program
Gail Kerschner | 610 914 2439

Mothers and their Newborns
Lissy Cavallaro | 215 680 8925

Gardening and Nature Experience
Nancy Baker | 215 328 9832