Mission Statement: To guide individuals with Invisible Challenges™ in becoming self-directed, self-sustaining, free-thinking and creative.

We assist ALL individuals with a very specialized expertise in sensory, sensate, social, intuitive and spatial awareness. Teamwork Wins assists individuals, primarily children, adolescents, and young adults that have Invisible Challenges.

An Invisible Challenge is the inability to connect with oneself and others. It is anything that hinders a person from a full and rich life other than a physical disability. Anything that limits their experience socially, professionally, personally and intimate relationships.

These challenges may take the form of anything from:
• Dysfunctional relationships
• A disregard of others and/or their feelings
• Feeling as if they do not belong
• Life is fearful or difficult
• Not understanding people or what they do
• Being sensitive to environments and people

We assist them in exploring their own perceived challenges.

We teach them functional skills (FTC) such as communication, listening, imagination, problem solving,. focusing, leadership through modeling and integrity, teamwork, transitioning, creativity, imagination and  discernment skills.

Our Team assist individuals that at times are quirky, sensitive and that don’t quite blend and “fit in”.

Many of these individuals are extra sensitive. Some of these individuals have been diagnosed with the following labels: Sensory issues, Asperger’s Syndrome, gifted, HFA, PTSD or AD/HD.

Each individual is respected and valued for their unique role and contribution to the wholeness of the global and local community. Their own personal experience and ability to integrate with society is the primary focus. We assist them in becoming aware and how to make the most of their personal challenges and gifts.

We are specialists in creating educational interfaces, new models and prototyping new systems for school districts, families, parenting, businesses, communities and individuals.

We are a warehouse of information of both traditional and non-traditional methods and techniques.  We have a unique approach through our own system of Focus, Transition and Communication (FTC) which encompasses all aspects of life..

TWW is a 15-year old non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

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