“To guide individuals with Invisible Challenges™ to become self-directed, self-maintaining, self-sustaining, free-thinking and creative.”

We do this by assisting ALL individuals utilizing a very specialized expertise in personal, sensory, sensate, social, intuitive and spatial awareness.

Teamwork Wins is a 15 year old nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to assisting individuals to become self-directed, self-maintaining, self-sustaining, creative and free-thinking.  We also serve communities and businesses in resolving interpersonal and global challenges. We assist ALL individuals.  Each individual is respected and valued for their unique role and contribution to the wholeness of the global and local community.  Their own personal experience and ability to integrate with society is the primary focus.  We assist them in becoming aware of and how to make the most of their personal challenges and gifts.

What are Invisible Challenges™?

Invisible Challenges™ are the inability to connect with oneself and others. It is anything that hinders a person from a full and rich life other than a physical disability. It includes anything that limits one’s human experience socially, professionally, personally and intimate relationships.

These challenges may take the form of anything such as:

  • Relationship difficulties
  • Being sensitive to environments and people
  • Feeling as if they do not belong
  • Insensitivities to others and/or their feelings
  • Personal and/or Professional Social difficulties
  • Internal and/or External Communication Issues

Invisible Challenges™ can be pervasive and subtle in the human experience but may manifest themselves in but not limited to medical diagnoses such as addiction, Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, behavioral difficulties, depression and other mental health disorders or display themselves through but not limited to personal relationships, incarceration, employment difficulties, or business and community relations.


Where We Were
For the past 14 years, the majority of our services focused on children, teens and young adults with Invisible Challenges™. We have used our FTC program to assist these individuals to become self-directed, self-maintaining, self-sustaining, freethinking and creative and have had success where other programs have failed. We have provided support through individual mentoring, summer camps, sports, the arts, gardening, work and college readiness programs as well as teamed up with schools and employers to support them.  Since our inception we have always looked to improve and expand our programs using our unique approaches.

Where We Are
We now realize that most of humanity struggles with some form of Invisible Challenge™.  The programs and methods we have developed can be beneficial to any individual who wishes to live life as a self-directed, self-maintaining, self-sustaining, free thinking and creative individual. We realize that many struggle with having a label attached to themselves so it would suffice to say that any individual who finds difficulties, unhappiness and/or dissatisfaction with their life could benefit from our programs.

At the same time, we also recognize that in order to provide these services at this level, we must develop a new system for provision of these services. While we have always maintained ethical principles and integrity in our practices, we have never called upon our staff to be fully “self-directed, self-maintaining, self-sustaining, free-thinking and creative” as identified in our mission statement. If we are to assist individuals with Invisible Challenges™, we must be pioneers and visionaries by also walking this walk ourselves. WE must adopt a Self-Directed Model to be used by all individuals involved in Teamwork Wins. This model assures the integrity of our services while at the same time provides a financial foundation to assure the sustainability of Teamwork Wins.

Where We Are Going 
As we move to the future with Teamwork Wins, we are in a time of great transition. Teamwork Wins has the opportunity to continue to be a cutting edge organization in dealing with Invisible Challenges™ on a much more universal scale. As we see it, there is a two-step process that will be required to accomplish this.

First, we will integrate the Self-Directed Model for all individuals involved with our organization from our Board of Directors to all of our employees including ancillary personnel.

Secondly, we will employ individuals interested in the development of new and innovative programs using the FTC Method as the base while at the same time be willing to provide these programs using a Self-Directed Model. In addition to being the foundation for how we do business, this Self-Directed Model has the potential to become a Teamwork Wins program for a business model that can be used worldwide. This transition we are in is opening the door to infinite possibilities for all of humanity.